Pigalle Vodka

Jul 23, 2017 graphic design, video production GT3 Themes 2 Months Spent

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Through the flawless traditions of the French Spirit Valley Houses, 5x distilled PIGALLE® vodka was born. Expertly crafted using French Wheat grown in the lush Limousine, Cognac region and the purest water from a natural aquifer in the springs of Gensac, France. PIGALLE® Vodka is an absolute treat, smooth, satisfying and available at very competitive pricing. This perfectly blended and non-flavored vodka is sealed at 42.6% ALC/Vol 85.2 proof, numbers higher than the top selling vodkas in it’s class. This exclusive Ultra Premium vodka has revolutionized the market not only for its recipe whose softness and finesse are exquisite to every palate, but because of its innovative collector’s bottles in matte black with different designs all printed in 3D etching and cork top.

PIGALLE® Vodka is a masterpiece designed as a tribute to the district of Pigalle, Paris that captivates the art, culture, and entertainment of the Moulin Rouge. To say PIGALLE® Vodka is smooth would be an understatement.

Enjoy responsibly!