EQ Women Succeed, LLC

Hayley B Colina, out of her personal life experiences, years of research and passion,  became tremendously driven to see women dare to fulfill their life and purpose beyond their dreams. It is with this deep passion that she created EQ Women Succeed, LLC.

Awakening women worldwide to re-evaluate, reinvent and recreate themselves and their lives; infusing life, power, excitement, passion and purpose into their lives, regardless of pass or present circumstances and propel discovery of how to dare and live beyond their dreams.

E (Exemplified) Q (Quality)

Women Succeed EQ Women Succeed, LLC (“EQWS”) is a global women’s community that is focused on providing women knowledge, tools and support to break out of their old skin and dare to recreate their lives and themselves with passion and purpose. A place for women to experience the roaring realization of their power and strength, that is hidden deep within. A place where women awaken to the fact that life is not forever and that they deserve to live out all their dreams. Women who make a decision to take action and discard all fear and doubt realizing the unbelievable power that we all possess. EQWS is a powerful community of women who awakened to the fact that it is time to really live their life. No mask, no judgments, no superficiality just real authentic souls daring to live their life and making it happen! This is the place where you finally halt and diminish the nonsense of any mediocre, superficial and/or unfulfilling life treadmill and kick start an unstoppable new you and powerfully passionate life.


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