Racing For Orphans

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Racing for Orphans is a unique business dedicated to helping orphans by inspiring dreams thru motorcycle racing. We are a team of motorcycle enthusiasts that have a passion for racing and the drive to create an avenue thru this passion in order to help others.

Our goal is to engage with the local Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches located in Live Oaks Florida and create a very special opportunity for the children to receive direct monetary gifts and scholarship programs. The business model of this company is based around selling marketing opportunities for our corporate sponsors to support the racing endeavors, and provide expenses for the big party while 100% OF ALL DONATIONS GO DIRECTLY TO THE CHILDREN. The founder has already donated several thousand dollars of his own capital in order to develop this fine charity and begin building the bikes and race trailer.

The bigger and best picture in our Racing for Orphans goal is to utilize the Racing platform as a means to bring attention to and help several under privileged children. Racing for Orphans, LLC is not currently a 501.(C)(3) (waiting approval). All donations will go directly into the secured Sheriffs bank account specifically set up for the Racing for Orphans program.